Talent management

The main aim of talent programs is to acquire quality and motivated leaders and specialists, who would help the company to develop its competitiveness in the 4.0 era The nomination into talent program is an important message for company employees: „We count on you, we see your potential to manage dynamic change on the market and in the company, we give you a chance to apply new technologies, bring creative solutions, work agile and be the bearer of change in the company.“ Before the nomination of participants, we help HR in companies to properly set the communication campaign, to clarify to managers their role in the program, formulate the competencies needed to work in a digitized environment.
We offer the know-how of the Industry 4.0 Competency Model developed by us. The influence of TP on company culture is significant, therefore we always consider the content, forms, and outputs very sensitively. During the implementation, we support cooperation and a unified approach of managers and HR. We encourage talents to involve other colleagues in selected activities. Participants thus become ambassadors of the talent program for the following years.
Our talent programs combine a range of proven forms with modern methods. Talents gain experience with development in the form of Hybrid Learning and with an agile way of managing processes. As part of the talent program, they will lead projects aimed at increasing the efficiency of the use of technology in the company and setting the corporate culture for the emerging INDUSTRY 4.0 environment. The result of the projects are accurate data and analyzes, usable for further development of the company.
Would you like to implement a Talent program in your company?
The talent programme helps to:
develop strong culture of growth mindset and increase competitiveness in 4.0 era
accomplish company strategic goals and support long-term sustainability
strengthen employees with potential and increase their co-responsibility for company development
create strong PR of the company that builds on their people and gives them the opportunity to use their talent
strengthen mutual relations within participants community and positively “infect” other colleagues
Client references
Siemens, odštěpný závod frenštát pod Radhoštěm,
Vitesco Technologies s.r.o.
(Continental Automotive Czech Republic, s.r.o.)
Siemens, s. r. o.
Tieto Czech s.r.o.


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