Taking ownership

In the fifth stage of development companies are already highly autonomous and use all the knowledge and skills of the previous stages automatically and naturally. People are motivated, loyal, and assume co-responsibility for the company. In the workplace, they have left a piece of themselves in the form of improvement suggestions, solved problems and achieved results. With colleagues, they have many common working and non-working experiences. People are actively involved in creating a business strategy and everyone is consciously and actively involved in its implementation. Employees are engaged in innovation and are looking for new opportunities for the company. Managers behave like real leaders and lead their people to fulfill visions, long-term strategy and system sustainability.
Do you want your people to participate in the implementation of the strategy as co-entrepreneurs?


Through our unique methodology
we develop people and help them improve their processes.
Development topics that we offer:
Creation of strategy - BSC
Creation of strategy - ZIPF
Breakdown of strategy - HOSHIN
Work with talents inside the organization
Long-term succession (strategic)
Development coaching
Taking ownership
What the cooperation will bring you:
Qualitatively new processes and products
High motivation, confidence and responsibility of people
Teamwork across teams in the company
Implementation of long-term strategy across the company
High quality and customer satisfaction
High performance and productivity
High flexibility and ability to deliver
Raising OSH and environmental protection
Improvement of corporate culture
People work on their self-realization and their potential is exploited
Identifying people with business or process needs
Marek Kavulok
Radka Šušková
Miroslav Marek


Years in the market
Internal lecturers
Cooperation projects
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