Projects on implementation of Shopfloor Management (SFM)

The implementation of SFM is a typical whole-company programme, where all company units are more or less engaged. Therefore, we usually implement it in a form of project to whom the representatives of all key units are invited.
The output of SFM implementation is an improvement in communication within the company in order to increase productivity, flexibility, quality and to fulfil requirements of customers and company owners.
The important part of the programme is a definition of the project. There is a need to clarify the intention and goals of SFM implementation, determine and personnelly fill two key project teams:
Leading team
team, which creates instructions, determines extent, assigns resources, monitors development, creates conditions for work of project team and gives feedback. The team usually consists of TOP management members.
Project (pro-change) team
team of motivated and perspective workers who work on project, prepare changes, manage and coordinate implementation, communicate changes to the company and collect feedback and suggestions of other company workers.
Would you like to implement SFM?
After the definition of the project, the methodology, which is communicated to the company and finished according to the feedback and suggestions, is prepared in the form of workshops. It is an important factor of future adoption of the change caused by SFM.
The methodology includes:
Creation of basic time plan, definition of levels and standards of SFM meetings
Visual management, information board, suggestion of KPIs and a way of work with them
Definition of multi-level controls system
System of a reaction to the problem, catalogue of precautions and escalation process
When the methodology is prepared technically (information boards for visualization, places and standards for SFM meetings, etc.) and personnelly (key people are trained and know what will be required of them), an implementation may start step-by-step.
The important part of the cooperation with the client is the stabilization of changes and effectiveness evaluation. This is made in form of regular monitoring of SFM activities operation, deep feedback and immediate reaction to abnormalities and deviations during SFM implementation and its stabilization.
The programme uses various forms of activities, for example:
Moderation of workshops
Project management
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