Process improvement

In the fourth stage of development, companies are already able to systematically manage their processes and focus on their proactive improvement. Workers in the processes are actively seeking waste, suggesting their elimination, and participating in making improvements. Workshops and projects focused on process improvement take place in the company. Key people who can present their suggestions, get their thoughts through and train others are involved. Managers start to behave like leaders who lead their people to teamwork, personal development and continuous improvement of processes.
Do you want improvement to become a regular part of the work of all people in your company?


Through our unique methodology
we develop people and help them improve their processes.
Development topics that we offer:
Kaizen - Continuous improvement
7 + 7 process improvement tools
Moderation of workshops
Project management
Stabilization of established measures
Monitoring and evaluating process changes
Creative thinking
Leadership and coaching
Autonomous control
Team moderation, synergy effect enhancement
Motivational presentation - selling ideas
Internal lecturer
Process improvement
What the cooperation will bring you:
Individuals actively improve processes and take it as standard
New ideas and approaches
Teams jointly design and implement process improvements
Strengthening the authority of managers and growth of leaders
Savings from improvement suggestions, workshops, and projects
Reduction of discrepancies and quality improvement
Higher performance and productivity
Higher ability to deliver
Raising OSH and environmental protection
Improvement of corporate culture
Creation of succession conditions for key and managerial positions
Individual development of people with growth potential
Iveta Štvartáková
Michal Zgabaj
Šárka Matýs
Jiří Lichovník
Years in the market
Internal lecturers
Cooperation 3.4 projects
  • abb
  • ak-hakduk
  • armatury
  • austin
  • bekaert
  • bodycote
  • bosh
  • brembo
  • brose
  • candy-plus
  • continental
  • copy-star
  • cromoda-wheels
  • ecentr
  • dopravni
  • erich-jeager
  • elizebet
  • ferrit
  • finidr
  • fno
  • gebauer
  • fosfa
  • grafico
  • grammer
  • greiner
  • greiner-ass
  • grupo-antolin
  • gtp
  • has
  • helen-doron
  • huisman
  • hp-pelzer
  • Process improvement
  • kofola
  • koma
  • ksr
  • lactalis
  • laird
  • maxion
  • mayr
  • mendel
  • milkeffect
  • mnd
  • mkunin
  • moje-ambulance
  • molnlycke
  • norma-group
  • norasta
  • novogear
  • osram
  • panav
  • rehabilitace-budejovicka
  • robe
  • rockwool
  • seeif
  • schott
  • siemens
  • skoda
  • smvak
  • sothys
  • specialist-service
  • tenez
  • storaenso
  • tieto
  • vamed
  • varroc
  • vorkon
  • vyncke
  • vysocinske-nemocnice
  • woco
  • zdb
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