Productive systems, s.r.o.
Since 2012 we have partnered with Productive systems, Ltd. in creating our unique Cooperation methodology. Productive Systems Managing Director Miroslav Marek is our partner and guarantor for the fields
of innovation and industrial engineering.
Progress Coaches
As part of our partnership with Progress Coaches, we are building a training company in Manila, Philippines. Through our partnership we take advantage of our many years of experience and know-how from the development of people and processes during the collaboration with our clients - multinational manufacturing companies. We are the guarantors of the quality of an international lecture team for Asia.
Association of Integrative Coaches, c.a.
The Association of Integrative Coaches, z.s. (hereinafter AIK) brings together professional coaches, organizes specialized seminars,, or cooperates with other Coaches Associations. As Executive Director of the Association of Integrative Coaches, Iveta Štvartáková is successful in linking the world of coaching with companies
and the people in them. Our coaches are active AIK members, engage in projects, and maintain and develop their professional skills in the field of coaching.
ITI (Integrated Territorial Investment of Ostrava Agglomeration)
ITI is an investment planning tool designed for heavily urbanized areas, respectively for metropolitan areas that are of key importance for economic growth and international competitiveness. Within ITI Technology, Miroslav Marek is a member of the Working Group on Science, Research, Innovation and
Radka Šušková is the member of the Working Group More Educated and More Employed Region.
Moravian-Silesian Automotive Cluster c.a.
We are partner of Moravian-Silesian Automobile Cluster, z.s. in project “Education: common path to development“, which is realised with the EU support. The project includes a wide range of technical and management topics. 12 companies from automotive area are involved in project.
Czech Association for the Interim Management o.s.
Czech Association for the interim management o.s. (hereinafter CAIM) is a leading Czech organization associating interim managers. Their mission is to develop knowledge, awareness and know-how on interim management and to build a strong background for the growth of quality Czech interim managers.
Radka Šušková, as a member of CAIM, helps companies manage changes and important strategic projects
Moravian-Silesian Innovation Center
Moravian-Silesian Innovation Center Ostrava, a.s. cultivates the business environment in the region and actively helps with the development of small and medium-sized companies (SME). The main mission of MSIC is to provide services supporting growth and innovation in companies. New Dimension is an MSIC partner supporting start-up entrepreneurs in the Frýdek-Místek and Nový Jičín districts. We also cooperate in the field of digitalisation and business automation training, digital readiness audit and support for small and medium-sized companies. Radka Šušková, Mirek Marek and Marek Kavulok act as external experts of MSIC for the development of business and companies in MSK.
IdeaHub is a shared development center bringing together a creative community based on common interests in the field of applied development, technical education and the popularization of innovative technologies
for Industry 4.0. Within the partnership with IdeaHub, Miroslav Marek is engaged in the field of innovation,
in which he also closely cooperates with the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Center - MSIC.
Czech-Moravian Association of Entrepreneurs and Managers
Radka Šušková is a member of the CA voluntary organization based on the solidarity of female entrepreneurs and their willingness to help other female entrepreneurs and managers to succeed in their professional life, to learn to combine it not only with their family life but also with their personal development.
Association for the Development of the Moravian-Silesian Region c.a.
We are active members of the Association for the Development of the Moravian-Silesian Region z.s. (hereinafter SR MSK) whose mission is to help promote the interests of its members in accordance with the development strategy of the Moravian-Silesian Region in the areas of economic development, environment, infrastructure development, education and human resources. We are the guarantors of the SCHOOL FRIENDLY project and QUO VADIS - MSK seen Through the Eyes of Young People. Radka Šušková leads the SR MSK Training Section, which links the activities of companies and entrepreneurs with schools and public administration.
Patriots of the Moravian-Silesian Region
We are Patriots of Moravian-Silesian Region. It is group of active and enterprising people, who like Moravian-Silesian Region and want to improve image of it. Patriots inspire by telling the stories of successful people and connect the members.They create business cummunity and share their experience. we are appreciated we can be part of it.
Czech-Polish Chamber of Commerce
As a member of the Czech-Polish Chamber of Commerce, which promotes trade and economic relations between the Czech Republic and Poland, New Dimension offers long-term experience and know-how in people and process development to Polish companies. Our trainers and coaches are activly involved in the internal development of ČPOK members.
International Association for Managers Potential
International Association for Managers Potential platform for managerial education at the highest level. The members of the association meet on regular basis with an international expert to educate and enrich good practice across sectors. The new dimension is the ambassador of this association. They can provide further training for their corporate employees so that they are based on same values and expect greater efficiency.
The Association of Experts in Andragogy of the Czech Republic
The Association of Experts in Andragogy of the Czech Republic is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit civil association whose mission is to associate citizens, natural and legal persons engaged in adult education on the basis of voluntary and professional interest. We have been members since 2019 and we are actively involved in international projects that contribute to improving the quality of teaching work for various target groups. The main goal of our cooperation is sharing among educational experts and developing our teaching experience.


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