Coaching is an effective method of personal and professional development. The coach is responsible for the process, for the techniques he uses on the basis of professionalism in accordance with what the coachee needs. He does not advise, does not evaluate, does not suggest a solution - the coach is a partner who will make you find your own solution. He supports the coachee in his self-confidence and helps build it on the specific knowledge, skills and attitudes of the coachee.
The coachee is responsible for the results that he will arrange in his life through action steps. Thanks to coaching, he directs attention to his potential and thought patterns. He learns to be independent of the judgments of others, to trust his resources and experience. He learns to respect himself and respect others without unnecessary self-underestimation, he can consciously open the door to other opportunities. He can be a coach by himself by verifying that coaching principles work and are available to him. The coachee often begins to use coaching principles in relation to other people in the area.
Selected areas where the coaching process is desirable and brings a high effect:
you are in a new job position and do not want to make unnecessary mistakes
you feel time for change, but you are not clear on how to start and bring it to the end
there is a task ahead of you that you want to look at from a different perspective
you are in a decision-making phase
you want to exchange repeated errors and failures for a good result
Would you like to try our coaching?
your goal is to dedicate more time to important things
you want to make sure you are going in the right direction
Who takes advantage of coaching most often in companies:
managers who start in a new position
teams that want to strengthen a culture of cooperation together
long-term business owners who want to look at the company from a different perspective
leaders who want to be one step ahead, create a strategy for the future
HR professionals who want to strengthen their role and become partners to the management
Coaches in New Dimension are active members of the Association of Integrative Coaches, work on their self-development and comply with the Code of Ethics for Coaches.
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